Project Description


Flowers are one of my favourite subjects, with unique patterns and colours getting in close brings amazing results!

Gazania Red & Black Macro

Spring and summer 2019 was a fantastic for local flowers, Southend councils gardeners did a first class job in the parks again this year!

Red & White Tulips
Beautiful Bush in Flower
Beautiful Bush in Flower
Bud Opening
Pampas Grass in Light
Tree Blossom
Yellow Tree Blossom
Lavendar in Southchurch Park
Pair of Red Tulips
Pink Tulip
Purple Flower
Red & Yellow Tulip
Tree Blossom Branch
Yellow & Red Flower
Southchurch Park Flower Beds
Tree Blossom
White Tulip
Yellow Poppy Flower
Pink Poppy Flower
Gazania Center Orange & Red
Gazania Center Yellow & Black
Gazania Center Yellow & Purple
Gazania Center Yellow & Red
Gazania Center Yellow & Pink
Gazania Center Gold & Pink
Meconopsis or Himalayan Blue Ppoppy-
Southchurch Park cafe summer flowers
Southchurch Park cafe summer flowers
Red & Black Rose bud Macro
Red Poppy Flower Macro
Red Flower Macro
Orange Lilly Flowers
Red Tree Flower